Landscaping with You

This year, Geneva Gardens is offering to our customers a new landscaping with you option. Completing parts or all of your landscaping project yourself, gives you the satisfaction and cost benefit of being an active participant in your own landscaping vision. Landscaping with you options:

  • If your landscaping vision is clear, and you require supplies, order from ourĀ giant bulk bag service, delivered to your yard.
  • If your landscaping vision is vague, and you require some experience and input to help you on your way, start with our landscaping design service.
  • If you require parts of your landscaping project to be done by us, start with ourĀ landscaping design, which will give you an itemized cost breakdown. This will allow you to choose which component you wish to complete yourself, and which component you would like us to complete.
  • You can always change your mind along the way. We offer 45 years of experience and expertise to stand behind you, enabling you to achieve success in your landscaping endeavour.